Fishing Rod Holder For Truck – Top 5 Fishing Pole Holders

The possibility of breaking fishing rods due to inappropriate handling is usually high, particularly when transporting. It is important to get a reliable, safe, and convenient fishing rod holder. Suppose you are looking for the best fishing rod holder for your truck; you need to read through this post to get acquainted with a few options. These holders come in different sizes, designs, and styles, and you’ll need to consider your needs to grab the one that matches all your needs. It the better if you can get a fishing rod holder that can support at least three rods.

A truck fishing rod holder offers you more benefits like organizing your life and enabling you to transport your fishing rods without worrying. Most truck fish rod holders are versatile and can be attached to most vehicles. After we delved into the market in search of the best rod holder, we discovered that there are tons of options available for someone to choose from. But in this review, we’ll review the top 5 fishing rod holders.

#1. ATeamProducts Suction Cup Fishing Rod Holder

Price: $39.99

This rated fishing rod holder has what it takes to meet the needs of an avid fisherman. If you have a person who loves angling, you can be guaranteed that this is the gift they’ll desire to have. Better yet, it can be a Father’s Day gift. We like that it takes no time to install, and there is no involvement. Also, it comes with suction cups of superior quality, which means that it can support up to four fishing rods securely in the car’s glass, and exemplary support is guaranteed.

Better still, it is versatile, and you can use it around the house or car. Moreover, it ensures your fishing gear is kept safe and secure. FYI, this unit has the potential to work in several vehicles types such as trucks, SUVs, and large sedans. You’ll get the value for every coin you pay for this unit for the price.


-Ensure your fishing poles are secured and safe

-It is versatile and fits onto most vehicle types

-Installation is easy and hassle-free

-Ideal for sailing, kayaking, and canoe

-It can support four fishing rods


-Has narrow holes for rods and may tend to close out handle grip areas

#2. Tight Line Enterprises Fishing Rod Racks for Trucks

Price: $109.95

Are you looking for a versatile fishing rod holder? Look no further than Tight Line Enterprises Fishing Rod Racks for Trucks. The unit can be used easily and quickly in different types of vehicles. It is normally ideal for an average fishing pole. Also, you can either use it on the roof or the vehicle’s hood. Although you’ll pay a little higher than other cheap models, you’ll get the value for every penny you pay for this unit.

It can hold more than three rods without causing any problem, meaning it can support rods for the entire family. It is designed in the USA, which implies that the construction is reliable, and you can rest assured of durability. It is made using rugged molded nylon that ensures durability is unquestionable. The material is also flexible and sturdy.


-It can support different types of vehicles

-It is designed to stand the test of time

-Ensure your rods stay secure

-Allow for convenient storage


-The magnet could be a bit stronger

#3. Portarod Inshore 5-Rod Fishing Rod Holder for Truck

Price: $139.99

If you don’t wish to lay your fishing rod in the truck’s bed, you have a reason to smile because Portarod is the ultimate choice that will perfectly match your needs. As a fisherman, you have great convenience to ensure that your fishing kit is safely secured on the truck without being broken or damaged. In other words, this unit is fully adjustable, easy to store, easy to use, lightweight and stylish. The holder can also fit seamlessly into any truck, plus it will also match the budget needs of anybody.

You’ll not worry about your fishing rod’s transportation issues because the holder will offer you the perfect solution. Since it comes with a ratcheting design, you’ll no need to drill holes or add additional weight to your truck to support your rods. We truly believe that if there is a fishing holder that was designed to solve many problems fishers go through while transporting fishing rods is, this novel unit by Portarod. You can also break it into the storable unit for convenience movement when not in use. You’ll surely like this unit if you are an avid fisherman. You’ll get the value for any penny you’ll pay for this unit. So, get one while stock lasts!


-It enables you to customize your needs with ease

-You can store it within no time

-The unit is quite easy to use

-It can fit any truck


-Ideal for small pick-up truck

#4. Brocraft Aluminum Clamp-On Rod Holder for Truck

Price: $98.99

Brocraft is a brand that has never disappointed when bringing quality and unmatched fishing equipment into the market. First of all, the unit is designed from reliable fiber-glass injected nylon that ensures the unit remains useful while offering you great convenience. The interesting part of this unit is that it can hold four rods/reels, and the presence of Bungee cords will ensure the rod is secure and safe. Besides, it comes with a marine aluminum universal c-clamp that can open to 2.5 inches. With this unit, you are sure that the rods will be organized for pontoons, canoes, and trucks.

Also, the installation of this unit is easy to use with a sturdy build. The brand has great customer service, and if you have any trouble with the unit, they’ll come to your rescue right away. If you are looking to ensure that your rods are safe, you can be assured that this unit will offer you the greatest solution. Though it may not fit some other models, we’re proud to inform you that the unit will work perfectly for you after you undertake some simple modifications. Besides, the solidness of the unit also contributes to its durability. Furthermore, the unit comes with a bungy strap used for the butt end. Since it comes with rubber straps, the front side of the rod will be held securely.

Setting up this unit is also easy; it doesn’t require any tool to set up on your car. We are certain that every angler hopes to ensure that their fishing rod stands the test of time, and if that is also your hope, then this rod will always align you for that because it will always stay safe and secure in the holder. It doesn’t come with a locking feature, but that is not a big issue because it can still be kept to stay in place.


-It is made from high-quality material and quite easy to use

-Has rubber straps that support the front part of the rods

-Setting up this unit is quite easy, and its built is sturdy

-The holders are designed to stand the test of time

-Keeps the rods organized for trucks


-It doesn’t feature a locking system

#5. T-Rex Tough Fishing Rod Pole Racks Holder

Price: $69.00

Sometimes it reaches a point when you hope to get an item that has an unquestionable quality. T-Rex Tough Fishing Rod Pole Racks Holder is one of those items you can trust; first, it is made in the USA where quality is paid attention to, and to back that up is a 10-year guarantee that offers you even greater confidence with the unit. We like that this unit does not tend to rust or anodize or even crack due to harsh use. In fact, to this point, we don’t think there is any model that rivals this unit because it has everything it takes to take the lead. It comes with an exceptional tapered V-notch at its front and another trigger notch at its back.

It has wedges that hold reels and rods better than any fluted-ended rod holder or straight notched holder. Also, unlike another rod holder, you’ll need to center the rods and reels physically; this one self-centers them without wasting even a second. Furthermore, it is an unbreakable unit that you can imagine. Aside from that, this is the only rod holder that features a trigger slot that allows all the rods that have triggers to side down in the heavy-duty tubes quickly, and as such, it prevents twisting or turning. Generally, the unit is manufactured using extra-heavy-duty material and designed particularly to meet outdoor use needs, and it will not depreciate quickly. We also like the hook and loop fastening unit that comes with this unit because it guarantees safety.


-Installation is easy and doesn’t take time

-It comes with additional Velcro straps

-The unit is very sturdy and strong

-It is made using quality materials

-The rod is well design


-The screws that it comes with are a bit longer


How do you transport a fishing rod in a truck?

The simplest way is running the rod through the tie-down organization. And with that alone, your rod will be kept from sliding. Now, if you have been able to follow our review, you have noticed that we have presented a holder that will be able to take care of the laborious job of ensuring your rod is attached safely and securely for swift transportation. You’ll transport them with ease, whether on the roof or at the back of the truck.

Generally, you will have three different ways to store your fishing rods in a truck. You can choose to create a tube, tie the tips of the rods to a strap or build a rod rack. All this makes it more convenient to carry your rods safely to any place. Not only does this makes your rods portable but also safer at all. You should ensure that you do not just throw them into your truck bed since they can get damaged. Therefore, you should place them in the best way to prevent them from bumping into each other as you drive the truck.

How do you make a truck bed rod holder?

You will need some items before you can start making a truck bed rod holder. These include; two PVC cross fittings, seven T PVC fittings, seven PVC caps, and twelve PVC pipe fits. Here, you can start by placing cross fittings on the truck bed floor. Then you can cut two pieces of PVC pipe, having each fitting in the outside opening of the cross fitting into the outside opening of your cross fitting as you approach the bed’s sidewalls. You should leave some space between the truck bed wall and the cross fitting.

Here, you are almost finishing the legs out of the cross fittings. You can proceed to cut the PVC pipe into four pieces. This keeps your rod holder from sliding as you drive. You can place the PVC cuttings in the cross fittings to lay parallel to each other. You can get it done by simply placing a cap on every end. You need to place the T fittings across the bed by spacing them to make a straight line for the cross fitting you came up with. This will provide the needed stability. Finally, you can cut the seven pieces of the PVC pipe, each measuring 6 inches long. Here, you can glue them into the T fittings to act as a stabilizer.

How do you store a fishing pole in a truck?

To store and carry your fishing rods more safely and securely on the bed of your truck, you only need to create a rod or a rod tube to make it possible. Some simple steps you take are as follows:

-Cut the PVC tube

-Paint the tube

-Attach the two caps to the tube

-Place your new rod pod to your truck’s bed

-And you can do.