Top 8 Best Spinning Reels Under $100 Reviewed

There is a wide variety of spinning reels in the current market today. Their difference indicates that they are not created equally. This difference brings about their variance in pricing, operations, and so on. If you are considerate of your budget and looking for the best spinning reel under $100, you do not have to worry since there are various options you can choose from. Most of these spinning reels worth this price are usually characterized by durability, smooth action, and a stronger drag system. This indicates that you do not have to spend so much to get the best spinning reel. These affordable reels are indeed the best choice for beginners or trying to practice how to use them.

With the different options available in the market, you do not need to get overwhelmed whenever you try to find the right spinning reel for yourself. We have made your searching process an easier task for everyone. Here, we have some suggestions that will aid as you navigate through the entire search process. We have compiled a list of the top 8 best spinning reels under $100. So, at the end of this post, you’ll stand at a better position of making a well informed buying decision. That said, let’s now find out what each spinning reel commands:

#1. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

As an angler, you should be looking for a high-quality spinning reel that performs its tasks efficiently. This is the best choice without paying a hefty price to acquire it. Whether you put the wringer in salty water or fresh water, it can last longer for more than a decade. It features a roller bearing system with up to 10 stainless steel ball bearings. These bearings are strong, durable, and rust-resistant. Moreover, it offers you a smoother experience as you cast and retrieve it. On the other hand, it has a lightweight design which means that you can easily transfer it from one place to another.

Also, this makes it a great choice for bass anglers looking forward to a quality spinning reel.

On the other hand, the side plates and the housing are designed from quality graphite components that are long-lasting and do not add weight to this unit. The spool is the best choice for braided anglers and lines. The toughness of this reel does pleasant since it can withstand any size of the fish, yet it has a lightweight design.


– Made from high-quality, durable materials, you’re guaranteed of its good performance

– It is affordable, no need of shelling more from your pocket

– Suitable for use on both saltwater and freshwater

– Lightweight for more convenient operations


– Does not suit fluorocarbon lines

– Requires regular cleaning, which is not the case with other models

#2. Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

Daiwa BG is one of the spinning reels you should consider if you need the best unit for use in freshwaters. It offers you a smoother casting experience that makes it more convenient to use different types of lures. What’s is unique is that it has a lightweight design, and this you can feel it in your hands each time you are carrying or using it. The exterior part and the reel housing are designed from quality carbon materials that are durable and keep this entire unit lightweight. This offers all the interior parts enough protection against any external damages.

This unit is equipped with quality parts such as the air rotor, machined aluminum handle, airbail aluminum bail wire, etc. All these help prevent any friction that could hinder you from casting the lures to the furthest distance. Daiwa is a well-known company that usually comes up with a smooth spinning reel, with Daiwa BG being a good example. Moreover, it features Daiwa’s Digigear Digital Gear Design that crafts reels through the CNC machine cutting process to produce the strongest reels.


– Goes through tough crafting process thus stronger

– Equipped with durable and strong interior parts

– Easier to use thus suitable for beginners


– A bit heavier compared to other reels of similar size

#3. Shimano Sahara FI Spinning Reel

Shimano Sahara spinning reel is equipped with a wide range of features to meet your fishing needs. Regardless of the type of fishing line that you are using, this spinning reel offers you smoother operations. This also makes it more convenient to retrieve anything from the braided line to fluorocarbon or mono. The 4+1 5-bearing system has a Shimano’s X-ship technology system that gives it a higher level of smoothness that makes your work easier. This technology allows you to eliminate any friction that may arise from casting and retrieving the reel. Moreover, anglers can easily cast their lures to the farthest distance they desire.

Most anglers usually prefer this go-to spinning reel because it is designed with Hagane gearing, contributing to its efficient operations. Anglers can easily choose from the different sizes of spinning reels and pick one that will suit their needs in the best manner whatsoever. On the other hand, it is well known for its superior balance this means that it would never outweigh you as you use it. The frame is constructed from high-quality graphite components that assure a longer-lasting unit. This makes it one of the units you should have on your top list as you try to make the best decision.


– Assures you of smooth casting and retrieval experience

– Available in different sizes to allow you to make a choice

– Has a greater balance for better operations


– Does not have an anti-reverse switch

#4. Okuma Inspira Carbon Frame Spinning Reel

Are you looking for a lightweight spinning reel? Look no further than this brand from Okuma Inspira. This is the best choice for anglers who are so considerate of their budget. It is equipped with a durable carbon frame and makes it suitable for use in bother freshwaters and salty waters. This makes it all-purpose fishing since you can use it at any place.

Moreover, it is equipped with a carbon fiber material housing known for its strength and durability. However, this is not so durable a graphite or any other components if it feels more lightweight than many other brands in the market. This makes it so comfortable in every angler’s hands for better operations.

This spinning reel comes in two different sizes; the ISX-40R and ISX-30R. Most people who have more experience using these two sizes usually recommend 40R for inshore fishing practices. The other size is suitable for freshwater fishing, mostly for smaller game fish species. They feature a gear ratio of 5.0:1 that assures you of the best turnover for those anglers who need a quick retrieving. This is also suitable if you want to get ahead in hard-pulling fish. Moreover, it has a Centrifugal disc bail that allows you to cast smoothly, unlike the other brands in the market.


– Designed from quality carbon fiber materials

– Made lightweight for easier operations

– Offers you a smoother drag


– Requires a backing for braided lines

#5. Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

This spinning reel is suitable for use in salty waters. It is designed from durable materials that make it withstand saltwater. As a saltwater angler, this is the best choice for you. What makes it a greater choice for saltwater enthusiasts is the fact that it has a lightweight design for more convenient operations. It is one of the heavy-duty reels that are not never suitable for smaller fish. This unit features a metallic body, rotor, and side plates made from quality and solid components that make this unit strong and long-lasting. This makes it more convenient to fish in large sportfish varieties, mostly in the coastal areas.

The inner parts feature a simple 5-ball bearing system that makes casting or reel in a line easier and smoother. Therefore, if you target large-sized game fish species, this reel is the best choice. With the dual carbon fiber drag system, most anglers can rely on this model on saltwater. You can use this spinning reel for fishing in and around the flats, inlets, or surf areas near the coastal places. This is because it is tougher enough to handle hard-pulling saltwater fish. It will never strip not damage at all.


– Resistant to saltwater corrosion which improves on its durability

– Has an anti-reverse system for easy operations

– Suitable for fishing large-sized fish species

-It is a versatile unit


– Heavier compared to the above models

#6. Abu Garcia Elite Max Spinning Fishing Reel

This spinning reel works using a 6+1 ball bearing system that offers a smooth casting experience. Not only is it one of the smooth casting systems in the market, but also one of the most affordable options for most anglers. The ball bearing features a high-quality stainless-steel construction that assures a durable and rust-resistant unit. This also makes it easier and smoother to cast or reel. One unique feature is the Rocket Line Management System, which makes it easier for the line to come off the spool as you cast precisely, unlike other spool designs. Even better, it is equipped with a soft and smooth EVA handle that keeps you feeling more comfortable as you use it.

It is a must-have accessory for a high-level angler because it is more accurate thus suitable for those gears that need more accurate casts around the brush and heavy corner. It is the best choice for bass fishing, thus suitable for most medium and bigger fish species. The drag system offers you the best drag washers to avoid losing ground as they try to search for bigger and hard-pulling fish. With its fair price, you should add it to your list of those best spinning reels that are not worth spending a lot. It is a great pick for beginners and novice anglers since it has smooth ball bearings and a stronger drag system.


– Rust-resistant with the stainless-steel components

– Offers you smoother and more accurate casting

– Has a lightweight carbon body for convenience use


– Carbon can easily get damaged.

#7. Pflueger Supreme Spinning Fishing Reel

This fishing reel features housing designed from high-quality magnesium ultralight components. This makes it super lightweight, making it easier to transfer it from one place to another without any difficulties. It is a great choice for those anglers who want to fish small game species. It could be less effective for use for larger-sized fish species. Interestingly, it is equipped with a nine-bearing system that makes your entire operations smoother and more convenient for casting and retrieval operations. With this, you can use it with a wide range of fishing lines. Moreover, this allows you to tie the braided line directly to the spool rather than using a different line for backing purposes.

Anglers can easily have full control of the speed of their lure on how they can retrieve it through the water. The anodized handle is a great feature that offers a more comfortable operation. Ideally, this spinning reel is available in four different options that allow anglers to choose that will suit their needs better. Here, you can get to choose between 6:2:1 or 5:2:1 gear ratio. Not only is this spinning reel lightweight, but also suitable for use in certain species, for example, smallmouth bass. Additionally, it is ideal for use to catch most of the larger species. Since it features a magnesium housing body, it is one of the durable spinning reels you can add to your list.


– Offers you a smoother cast and retrieve

– Does not need backing for braided lines

– Assures you of a lightweight feeling

-It is design to stand the test of time


– Magnesium materials are not durable enough

#8. Cadence CS8 Spinning Reel

This brand has its frame designed from high-grade magnesium components that assures you of a more durable unit. Fishing operations are now more convenient because it has ten bearings that offer you smoother operations all through. This makes one of the choices you try to consider whenever looking out for an affordable spinning reel. It is a great choice for anglers who frequent fresh waters each time. It has a drag that features a rubber gasket to avoid water intrusion. This makes it so suitable for freshwater, unlike saltwater. You can use it to catch larger fish because its drag system is rated 36 pounds of stopping power.

It is available in different sizes; therefore, you can choose that will suit your needs better. Additionally, it is lightweight; therefore, you can choose the largest size without much weight difference. Typically, its warranty is a greater advantage because you have 90 days to use it, and if you do not love it, you can return it. This covers the entire year; therefore, if any issues or defects occur, you should feel free to return it. It is a great choice for beginners who do not know what to look for in a spinning reel since you have time to test it.


– This unit offer you the value for every penny you pay

– Equipped with a high-quality magnesium frame

– Smoother because it has up to 10 bearings

– Has different size options to choose from


– Does not have a robust water seal


What makes a spinning reel good?

Short answer: Smooth, easily adjustable drag. A smooth and superior quality drag unit is key for a spinning reel to be good. The drag unit should allow a line to come out in a smooth, seamless, with no jerks and pulls as the line extends. If it jerks and goes off like a car with a bad transmission, it might not be the appropriate option for the reel.

What is size spinning reel best for bass fishing?

A spinning reel of 3,000-size is the ideal size of brass, specifically if you’re searching for value for your hard-earned money. Even though we are given this from a personal perspective, many anglers also are of this idea. And the key reason why the 3,000-size is opted for as the best for bass spinning is the advanced spin reel technology. A 3,000-spin reel has many wells more than its weight and size, suitable for bigger fish.

What is the difference between 2000 and 3000 spinning reels?

A 2000 spinning reel features a lightweight design compared to a 3000 spinning reel. These two spinning reels are well designed to allow you to catch different fish species. You can use a 1000 spinning reel whenever you are fishing bluegill, crappie, and many other fish species. This is the best suited for ultralight fishing in freshwater, bays, harbors, estuaries, etc. On the other hand, you can use a 3000 spinning reel for light fishing in harbors and freshwater. It is ideal for catching bass, catfish, walleye, northern Pike, etc. The recommended braid-like strength for a 1000 spinning reel is 4-8lbs, while that of 3000 ranges between 6-14lbs.