Penn Battle 2 4000 review 2017 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Penn Battle 2 4000 Review – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

Are you confused about buying the Penn Battle 2 4000 series spinning reel? If yes, then this ultimate buying guide will answer if it is worth buying the Penn Battle 2 4000.

You might know that Penn is a well-known company among anglers and they provide one of the best spinning reels on the market. Penn has been in the fishing business since 1932 and they know what their consumers want. However, after reading the whole article, you can judge if spending money on this spinning is really worth it or not. First, let us give you a quick highlighted feature of this 4000 series.

Top Features:

  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Bearing: 5 ball + 1 Instant-reverse bearing
  • Braid Capacity (yd/lb): 360/15 260/20 185/30
  • Material: Full metal body, sideplate& rotor
  • Drag System: HT-100 carbon fiber
  • Max drag: 15;b
  • Weight: 12.8 lb

Why should you choose the 4000 reel size:

If you have been doing fishing for sometimes and gained a bit of experience, then the 4000 reel size is perfect for you. The 4000 reel size is categorized as a medium size reel that is capable of catching fish from 2kg to 6kg. This size of fishing reel is perfect for medium action barramundi or snapper style fishing rod that is 6 ft or 7 ft. It is suitable for 8lb – 12lb of monolines or 8lb – 20lb of braided lines.

With this size of fishing reel, you can comfortably fish at the lake, rivers, boat fishing, and bay etc. The most common fish you can catch with this size are snapper, drummer, bonefish, tailor, and barramundi etc. This is a general guide, however, you can use this size of reel for other applications also.


If you owned the original Penn Battle spinning reel, then you know that the original reel was a beast. This Penn Battle 2 is a relaunch of the original Penn Battle spinning reel with some minor and major improvements. It uses both sides of the drag washer which gives you 20% more drag than the old Penn Battle. A major improvement is that the Penn Battle 2 has a sealed stainless steel ball bearings compared to the shielded ball bearing in the original one. In this Penn Battle 2 4000 review, now let us talk about the features of this reel in details.

HT-100 Drag Washer:

Penn has keyed the drag washer into the spool of the reel. The Ht-100 drag washer able to use both sides of the drag washer. This gives you 20% more maximum drag than the old version of Penn Battle. This means, now you have more drag, smooth startup, and powerful range. Also, the drag system comes pre-greased with Penn Blue Lube which makes this durable and smooth.


This spinning reel has 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings and 1 instant anti-reverse ball bearing. It is an upgrade from the original Penn Battle 2 that has shielded ball bearing. There are some differences between shielded and sealed ball bearing. The main reason why the reels go back to the repair shop is the reel feels rough due to saltwater got in and dried out. However, the sealed ball bearing means it is a tight system and has an added layer of protection. This means that the sealed ball bearings prevent saltwater from getting in more effectively than shielded ball bearings. So this sealed ball bearing enhances durability and the 5 ball bearing gives you a smooth fishing experience.


Line Capacity Ring:

This feature is very important for anglers. Have you asked yourself how many lines do I have left while fishing? if yes, then this feature will aid you to know how many lines you have left on the spool of the reel and now you can fish effectively. You have a better idea of how much more you should pull with this line capacity ring.


Gear Ratio:

This Penn Battle 2 4000 has a gear ratio of 6.2:1. This is considered to be a medium gear ratio. The spinning reel with a gear ratio of 6.2:1 mostly can be used for any fishing application. This gear ratio is perfect for bass fishing application. As this is a medium gear ratio, it is a balance between slow and fast. That means this ratio is not excessively fast or slow. So this gear ratio is most suitable for beginners or amateurs.


Superline Spool:

The superline spool is equipped with a rubber gasket in the middle which prevents the braided fishing line from slipping. So, if you use a braided fishing line, then no backing is required under high pressure because of the superline spool. This reel is also braided ready out of the box.



The design of this spinning reel is very simple and aesthetic. The body, side plate, and the rotor is made up of full metal. Though the bail wire is made up of heavy duty aluminum. The anodized body is corrosion resistant, so you don’t need to worry about saltwater. This is a heavy duty robust and durable spinning reel.


Resistant to corrosion:

This spinning reel was made to take the saltwater fishing game to the next level. The paint used in this spinning reel is corrosion resistant. The sealed stainless steel ball bearing system means it is a tight system that will prevent saltwater to get inside and prevention of corrosion is at its best.



The Penn Battle 2 4000 is a pretty affordable and cheap yet high-quality spinning reel. This is the best spinning reel that you can purchase under $100 on the market. The Penn Battle 2 4000 review would be incomplete without mentioning how cheap and affordable this reel is.


Other features:

If you exclusively use the Penn Battle 2 4000 for saltwater, then you should know that it is maintenance is very easy. These reels are super easy to deconstruct and rebuilt, so greasing the reel with Penn Blue Grease would be very simple and easy to increase longevity.

The handle of this spinning reel is anodized and the knob has a soft-touch. The bail has automatic trips and the tension is pretty good. This also has a left/right-hand handle position. The Penn Battle 2 4000 has a line retrieve rate of 37″.

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

That’s not all, in this Penn Battle 2 400 review, we will also cover the pros and the cons that this spinning reel has. After reading this section, you can determine if the advantages worth over the drawbacks.


  • Best affordable spinning reel that does not compromise quality
  • This is a corrosion resistant spinning reel which makes this great for saltwater application
  • The design of the reel is simple and the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold for longer time
  • Perfect to catch small to medium size fish
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Superline spool ensure prevention of slipping
  • This is a smooth and durable spinning reel that is easy to maintain


  • This spinning reel is a bit heavy compared to other spinning reels
  • Can become rough and make noise after using it frequently. But if maintained properly, that is not a problem
  • Not a good reel to fight big fish

Final Thought:

I hope this Penn Battle 2 4000 review has shed some light on your purchasing decision. Personally, if I had $100 and need to purchase a good spinning reel, then I would definitely go for the Penn Battle 2 4000. Although this reel is priced low compared to its competitors, however, it does not compromise on the quality and performance department.

If you can overview the drawbacks, then this will be a great buying decision. As we have come to the end of the Penn Battle 2 4000 review, I have got one thing to say, this is the best spinning reel on the market that is worth every penny.



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