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Recently spinning reel has become popular among many anglers due to its convenience and ease of use. So to meet the demand of the anglers, Okuma has launched their modern affordable high tech fishing reel, Okuma Trio. Although, personally I think Okuma is the second popular fishing brand after Penn, however, day by day, they are becoming one of the most popular brands among angler due to their great innovation and affordable fishing gears. In this review, we will only talk about the Okuma Trio 55s which in my opinion is one of the best spinning reels at the price point.  If you are confused whether you should get the Trio 55s, then reading this Okuma Trio 55s review will give you a clear picture.

The Okuma trio is the best affordable and popular spinning reel. There are many reasons why people love Okuma Trio along with some drawbacks. All of these things will be discussed in details in this Okuma Trio 55s review. However, to keep you ahead, the outstanding look and lightweight are one of the main reason why people are attracted to this spinning reel. So first, to give you an overview, let us talk about the key feature of this reel.

Key Feature:

  • Hybrid aluminum & graphite body & rotor
  • Dual force drag system (DFD)
  • Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
  • Bearings: 9 BB + 1 RB (stainless steel)
  • Weight: 417 gram / 0.9lb
  • Max Drag: 10 KG
  • Line Retrieve: 39.8″ per handle turn

Thes are the specification of this spinning reel. However, there are more things which makes this reel a great choice. Without further ado let’s discuss the features of the trio 55s in details.


Full Okuma Trio 55s Review

Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel

Design and body:

The design of this spinning reel is outstanding. The combination of black and orange looks great. The design is one of the reasons why many people prefer this spinning reel over others.

One of the main attraction is the crossover body design. This reel has a hybrid aluminum and graphite body. Most of the reel has single side plate, however, Okuma has taken this reel to the next level with two graphite side plate and stamped aluminum stem.

The solid reel stem (SRS) offers both longevity and precise gear alignment. By utilizing both aluminum and graphite, it takes advantage of strength yet reduce weight.


Hybrid Rotor:

The Okuma Trio 55s has stamped aluminum and graphite hybrid rotor. The main objective of using the hybrid rotor and body is to increase strength and keeping the weight very light. One of the main advantages of the stamped aluminum is that it keeps the bail system in precise alignment through increased rigidity. When using braid or fighting a big fish, the sturdy hybrid rotor keeps flex to the minimum.


Spool & Drag System:

Again Okuma has utilized both graphite and aluminum to make this reel very rugged yet lightweight. This means the Okuma Trio 55s has the best spool in this price range.

Another great feature of this Trio 55s is the dual force drag system (DFD). The system utilizes both surfaces of the spool.

On top of the spool is the multi-disc oiled felt drag system and the bottom is equipped with carbon fiber drag washer. This offers even drag pressure on both sides of the spool which makes this reel ultra smooth and offers the advantage of heat dissipation.

It has got what Okuma calls ADC system. This means aluminum drag chamber system. The ADC system makes the drag system extremely smooth and offers precision alignment of the spool shaft.


High Speed:

This Okuma Trio 55s would be incomplete without mention about the high speed. This is a high-speed reel from Okuma. The line retrieve per handle turn is 39.8″ and the gear ratio is 6.0:1 which is pretty high compared to other spinning reels. This means you will be able to reel back really fast without having to move your hands fast.




The Trio 55s is equipped with the anti-reverse bearing. This means when the fish bite and want to move the opposite way, the handle does not pull back, rather the drag starts immediately. This anti-reverse functions just like many other reels on the market, but some users said that it is smoother and effective than others.


Corrosion resistant:

The Okuma Trio’s corrosion resistant coating, stainless steel ball bearing, and the anti-corrosion materials really add up to the value. You will be around water with this gear, so anti-corrosion is a must feature for anglers. It also equipped with hydro block tight drag. This means water will not go inside and the inside will not corrode.

All these features make this perfect for saltwater fishing along with freshwater fishing


Gearing system:

The Trio 55s has 6.0:1 gear ratio which is smooth and provides faster pullback of lines. The high-density gearing (HDGII) system is also corrosion resistant. The elliptical gearing system offers precise gear alignment and adds to its smoothness.


Other Features:

The Okuma Trio 55s has a sturdy, heavy-duty aluminum anodized bail wire. The forged aluminum handle has an ergonomic design which is comfortable to hold.


As we have reached the end of the Okuma Trio 55s review, let’s talk about the advantages and drawbacks of owning one.

Pros & Cons:


Reasons to buy this spinning reel:

  • This is a very well-built compact and ultra light spinning reel
  • It has got a nice and attractive design
  • The aluminum and graphite crossover hybrid body and rotor makes lightweight
  • Very affordable price tag
  • The dual force drag system and 9 BB + 1 RB makes this reel very smooth
  • This reel is corrosion resistant which is good for saltwater fishing



The common drawback which every user faced clicking noise from the gear after using it for some time.

Although the Trio 55s has an aluminum bail, it can be sometimes really hard to flip the bail. Some users also complained that the bail broke after few months.

One of the major drawbacks is the poor construction. I think to keep the cost low, Okuma has used poor materials.

Our Thought:

Okuma is trying their best to provide anglers with better products and with the Trio 55s they have proved this. However, I cannot say that the Okuma Trio is the ultimate best spinning reel that you can buy. But at this price tag, this reel is good compared to the competition and will not make you regret your purchase.

I would say that the trio 55s is Okuma’s low/mid budget spinning reel as they also offer reels that cost 200/300 dollars. So as an affordable spinning reel, don’t expect this reel to last longer. However, if you take a good care, you can increase the longevity of this reel.

I know that the construction is not good and there are some minor drawbacks of this reel. But considering the look and other great feature, I personally would prefer to buy this reel.

If you are someone who is buying his/her first spinning reel or need a well affordable spinning reel, then the Okuma Trio 55s is a good choice. However, I would not recommend this product if you are a hardcore angler. Although, you can try this spinning reel but don’t expect much out of it. I hope this Okuma Trio 55s review has given you are a clear indication of your purchase decision.


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