Ice Fishing tips for beginners

Ice Fishing tips for beginners

Most of us love the cold shivering winter season and love to play snow fight with our friends and family. But ice fishing in the winter season adds more to the fun and enjoyment.

Ice fishing is a fun and entertainment sports for fishermen and it creates a great opportunity to socialize with the friends and kinfolks.

Heading out with all of your equipment and gears and spending time with friends and family while waiting to catch a fish is really a fun thing we should do. And catching a fish after waiting for a long period of time adds lots of joy and smiles in our life.

But for the beginners, it might be difficult to do ice fishing and these tips will help you to get started and become a pro. So in this article, we will try to give you the basic ice fishing tips.

1. Getting a fishing license:

It is important to get a fishing license if your state legislates license to do fishing. Fishing license can be easily purchased only and some state offers low rate or even free fishing license. You can use this fishing license in many places like public fishing lake, river and stream.


2. Getting the proper equipment and gears:

The thing that let the beginners get started and inspire them to try ice fishing is that they don’t need a lot and expensive gears. You just need the basic equipment for fishing like a fishing reel, rod, bait and rod holder. You can choose an inexpensive fishing reel and rod combo with an eight-pound fishing line.

Most importantly you need an auger to drill the ice and to get started you can buy an inexpensive 6 – 8-inch range auger. Always remember that gears and equipment are important for fishing so you should spend more time in buying them.

3. Choosing the right cloth (outfit):

You need the proper attire to do ice fishing in the cold winter. You probably have the clothes that you will need for ice fishing. You need a good winter jacket and insulated snow pants and a good pair of gloves to protect you from the shivering cold winter.

Hat and neck scarf is optional but it is good to have them. One of the most important things you need is a robust pair of boots because maybe you need to walk a lot. So spend the time to buy the best ice fishing boot and if you have one then that’s a great new.

4. Getting the appropriate bait:

You will find lots of baits on the market and the more the baits are for sale the more confusing it is for the fisherman to buy the bait. Nowadays most of the baits are aim to catch the fishers, not the fish, so choose your lures properly. I would recommend using live bait for beginners because fish normally eat minnows.


5. Drilling holes using auger:

After you have found a place for fishing, it’s time to put the auger to good use.  First of all, carefully remove the cover from the blade as they are extremely sharp. Then find a spot to drill and place the auger in that place and as you start the auger put sufficient amount of pressure and if you are doing it correctly then you will hear a grinding noise and slowly the auger will make its way through the ice to the water.

6.Getting started with fishing:

After drilling the holes in the ice throw your bait or minnows in the water all the way down and then reel them up about 2 feet from the water. This will give you a better chance to catch fish.

You may not catch any fish at all in your first attempt. But always your primary goal should not be to catch big fishes rather it should be spending a quality time with friends and family members and sharing stories and laughs while waiting for the fish to bite your bait. Don’t be afraid to do such an enjoyable sport (ice fishing), just go out and explore the world of fish.


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