Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder That Will Make Fishing Easy

If you are here reading this, chances are you are into fishing. And also maybe because you are looking for an ice fishing fish finder. Fish finders are portable devices that you can put underneath the water and it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and they will be able to signal you whenever they sense something underwater.

Now, thanks to a steady stream of technological advancements, fish finders offer a wider window than ever into the mysteries of the underwater world. There is a huge variety of fishfinder brands of different types and models out there. All this can make you exhausted and confused. It will also be very complicated and time-consuming to find the right ice fish finder for you.

This is why to make your life easier I have written down reviews for the five best ice fishing fish finders that you can find in the market. After reading these reviews you will be able to make what type and ice fishing fish finder you really want and hence it will make your fishing experience even better. I have used some of these ice fish finders myself and did a lot of research regarding the ones I didn’t use. So without further delay let’s get into it.

Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder:

  •  Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder
  • Deeper Smart Sonar PRO

  • Deeper Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder

  • Eyoyo Brand HD 1000TVL Camera 15M Fish Finder

  • OFKP Portable Wired Fish Finder

1. Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder:

Deeper Smart Portable Fish FinderThe Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder is a very easy to use and portable ice fish finder. This unit functions very well. You just tie them to the end of a fishing line, and then cast or toss them to your chosen location. That’s it. They are waterproof and are able to float. They will activate as soon as they touch a liquid surface. This round ice fish finder is 2.6-inch in diameter and reads depth to 130 feet. It uses a Bluetooth connection to work.

It is so lightweight that it almost weighs like a tennis ball at 3.5 ounces. Battery life isn’t an issue with this one as it packs a 3.7-volt rechargeable battery that provides up to six hours of running time. Another additional feature is that it comes with a free app that contains fishing log, weather reports, water temperature readout, fish icons, fishing activity calendar, and a base map. One of the biggest advantages of the deeper fish finder is that you can use it on any screen. Be it on your small smartphone or Ipad. It is also very easy to use & link to your device via Bluetooth. The build quality of this product is also really good and I am overall very impressed with it.

Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder

Slight Problems:

However, there are a few problems as well. The depth and range are not too much, and probably not suitable for commercial fishing applications. The second thing is the connection with the Bluetooth. Even if it is easy to connect and all but it rarely stays connected. You will get really frustrated trying to reconnect it multiple times.


2. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO:

Deeper Smart Sonar PROIf you think the Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder was very good and decent. Wait till you see this one. This portable ice fishing fish finder is also from Deeper and is a version of their Pro Series. Even though it looks very pretty same and have the same appearance they are very different from each other.

The main difference is that this device is Wi-Fi enabled. This particular model can hold up to 330ft/100 M and the Depth ranges up to 260ft/80 M. It is also technologically more advanced than the Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder. The advanced high-frequency technology enables the deeper Smart sonar Pro to quickly transfer more accurate data. The higher frequency is also higher than the capture faster-moving objects. It also features a lot of other advanced features ch as real-time mapping, unlimited data history, and ice fishing mode to make your Deeper Smart sonar Pro useful for all fishing conditions.

Overall I think this is a very good fish finder. Certainly better than the cheap Bluetooth version. The change of connection from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi really makes it a hard competitor. The app that comes with it also pretty good as it gives accurate results.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO


3.Deeper Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder:

Deeper Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish FinderThe Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder may look Deeper Smart Sonar PRO, 2.55″, Black. But this portable ice fishing fish finder is a twin to the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO, 2.55″. The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+, 2.55″ literally looks the same as it’s counterpart. However, there are a few features that make it stand out from the rest. First of all, let’s come to the similarities.

The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+, 2.55″ also operates on a Wi-Fi connection and the connection is really good. The appearance and size of the device are same as the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO. Only the Pro+ version is a bit smaller. It also has the same advanced high-frequency technology enables the deeper smart sonar Pro+ to quickly transfer more accurate data.


Now the feature that makes it different is the GPS on the device. The onshore GPS mode enables Deeper Smart sonar Pro+ to produce bathymetric – bottom contour maps, while onshore or off. This advanced bathymetric technology allows users to gather and process bottom contour data while shining from the dock, bridge, shore, kayak, float tube, boat – and even while wading in the stream – all at a distance of up to 330ft/100 M away from the Deeper Smart sonar Pro+. this breakthrough technology enables users to gain a complete knowledge of the entire bottom contour of the water body in any fishing condition. This addition of the GPS is great and makes your fishing experience really pleasant. The battery life is also great as it packs a rechargeable battery with 5.5-hours continuous use on a single charge.

I overall like this device very much and probably would recommend it. There is a slight problem as it takes a bit of time to connect and set. But other than that there aren’t many problems. All three ice fishing fish finders that I mentioned are from the same brand. I have made out a table comparing them so that it will become easier for you to decide on which one to buy.

Deeper Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder


4. Eyoyo Brand HD 1000TVL Camera 15M Fish Finder:

Eyoyo Brand HD 1000TVL Camera 15M Fish Finder

I feel I have talked about Deeper products for a long time and it is time for something different. The Eyoyo Brand HD 1000TVL Camera 15M Fish Finder is an ice fishing fish finder that allows you to see underwater and look for fish.

It is a 7″ color monitor that is placed on a portable strong aluminum case. The monitor has total pixels of 800(H) X 480(V). The monitor is also adjustable. Battery life is pretty good with it as it has a 4500MA lithium battery boasting a working time of 10 hours.

Coming to the camera the camera size is 90mm x 55mm. The camera case is made up of strong plastic and the glass material is sapphire glass. It has a 92 degree 4mm lens which will give you great angle. It also contains 12PCS adjustable white LEDs. The cable attached to the camera is 15 meters long.

Overall I think this is a great device, and I believe, it will meet your expectations just as it did mine. The price may be a bit high but you have to realize what you are getting the price is nothing. I am very satisfied with this and have no negative thoughts about it.


5. OFKP Portable Wired Fish Finder:

OFKP Portable Wired Fish Finder

Now if you are someone who is on a budget and is looking for a different but well-functioned ice fishing fish finder then I may just have the right solution for you. The OFKP Portable Wired Fish Finder is probably a budget king when it comes to fish finders. An affordable price tag, a good design, and great features make this an all-rounder.

Coming to the design this is where the OFKP Portable Wired Fish Finder attracts most of my attention. The bright yellow and black color of this device truly attract a lot of eyes. Secondly, the design is also great. It is so small that it looks more like an MP3 player from the early years. The display size is 40W x 39H with a backlighting white LED. It also has a small round transducer with 7.5m cable,45-degree beam angle. The depth range is Max/Min: 328 Feet (100meters) / 2 Feet (0.7meters).

The package itself also includes a lot of stuff. It carries a transducer sonar sensor with 7.5tm cable and a removable transducer float and also a transducer adapter.

Overall I would say I really like this ice fishing fish finder and I am really happy with it. But there are a few problems that I want to talk about. The product can only show you where the fish are. It can not show you how big the fish are, but you could adjust the Sensitivity setting. When the sensitivity is high, it will show you both big fish and small fish; when low, it will only show you the big fish. Another thing to consider before making your purchase is that extremely cold weather will impact the performance of the product.

Beware Of Snow:

It is suggested that you keep the unit in temperatures above 0 degrees during operation. And if you will be buying this especially for ice fishing then do keep in mind to drill a hole in the ice and put the fish finder into the water. If you want to detect before drilling on the ice, please remove the snow on ice to make sure the ice surface is smooth, and put some water on ice before you put the fish finder onto it.

Overall,I would say that it is good enough for amateur and professional finish but it is not super smart of highest class one. However, for the price, it charges you cannot get a better one than this.

OFKP Portable Wired Fish Finder

Start Fishing, Start Exploring:

That very moment in my life I realized there was something better about this world than video games. That is when I fell in love with fishing. As I grew up it turned into a hobby and later into my passion. I would definitely suggest everyone start fishing. Trust me once you start doing it you will fall in love with it. Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it. I always go fishing not to find myself but to lose myself. I would like to take this opportunity and tell every one of you to start fishing.


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