Gift Ideas for Fishermen and Hunters: Great Presents for Men and Women Who Love the Outdoors

Gift Ideas for Fishermen and Hunters: Great Presents for Men and Women Who Love the Outdoors

Choose the perfect gift for fishermen and hunter:

Shoppers who are scratching their heads and wondering what to buy for the hunters, anglers, and other people on their gift lists who love the outdoors can find something from this selection that will fit their budgets. From stocking stuffers to price-is-no-object surprises, this collection has something for everyone.


$20 or Less

There may be nothing as versatile and useful as a bandanna. These unassuming cotton squares dry hands, mop up spills, keep sweat out of the eyes, shade ears and back of the neck, provide first aid, and even wipe noses. It’s hard to imagine a gear bag that doesn’t contain at least one of these, and at $3 to $5, each, they could hardly be more affordable.

Fishing line is always welcome. A peek inside the tackle box should yield information about what brand and weight the fisherman prefer. Tuck a spool into a stocking for less than $10.

Tippets and leaders are always needed. Every time an angler ties on a new fly, a bit of tippet is clipped away. That’s not all. Ask any fly fisherman how many tippets he broke last season. Leader and tippet combo packs are available for less than $10.


It’s hard to have too many flies, and fly boxes are required to store and carry them. There are many sizes and styles of fly boxes, but plenty of them cost less than $20.


This won’t sound appealing to everyone, but hunters will welcome bottled urine scent. This substance is used to attract animals during a hunt, and it is only $10 to $15 a bottle. Shoppers in doubt can ask the hunter’s buddies what kind is preferred.

Hunters and fishermen alike need heavy socks for winter outings. Great wool blend socks are available for $10 to $20 a pair.

Anglers keep track of environmental conditions like water temperature. A water thermometer is something any fisherman can use, and they sell for around $20.


$50 or Less

Keeping warm on cold hunts or fishing expeditions also calls for thermal shirts. Shoppers can find these for $25 to $50 at outdoors outfitters and department stores.

A heavy-duty thermos will keep coffee hot in the boat, truck, or blind. One of these great containers can be found for $20 to $40.

How about a utility light? Several types of these are available. Some operate on batteries and others plug into vehicle outlets. They are great for getting boats on and off trailers in the dark, or for tasks around the camp or outside the cabin at night. At around $30, these make welcome gifts.

It’s hard to imagine an outdoorsman who doesn’t carry a pocketknife. Knives with one or two blades, along with other tools such as bottle openers, corkscrews, and screwdrivers, are handy items that cost around $20 to $50.

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade

Seat covers protect the outdoorsman’s vehicle from the wear and tear of rugged activities. These can be very expensive, but there are good models available from $30 to $50.


$100 or Less

Rain gear is essential equipment for outdoors enthusiasts who don’t let precipitation get in their way. Some excellent water-repellant jackets, with hoods and cuffs designed to keep out the elements, cost less than $100.


$500 or Less

Smoke, cold smoke, or roast venison and other meats with a smoker. These come in charcoal, propane, and electric models. A digital smoker, costing around $500, would make an outstanding gift.


$1000 or More

For a really fabulous surprise, consider a new canoe. The ultimate cedar canoe, costing around $3000, would make the perfect present for the outdoorsman who has everything. Everything, that is, but a cedar canoe.

These suggestions should help lead shoppers to the perfect gifts for the outdoors sports-loving folks on their lists.


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