Top 3 – Best Fishing Rod Holders For Car Roof Racks

Are you having trouble to carry your fishing rods to your favorite fishing spot when traveling by your car? Do you have roof racks installed on your car? If yes, then you should definitely check our review of top 3 best fishing rod holders for car roof racks.

My whole family is into fishing and we love fishing. We love to travel from one place to another for fishing. I still remember that my father used to take us to the fishing spot miles away from our home. At that time, it was very difficult to purchase a good fishing rod holder that fits our car roof rack. So my father DIY himself a fishing rod holder for the roof rack. My dad is an awesome DIY guy and also built a bow quiver for my brother, which should tell you how much of D-I-Y person he is!

Now, thanks to many rod holder companies, you don’t have to DIY your fishing rod holders for car roof racks as they are readily available for purchase. However, there are very few companies who make these fishing rod holders for the roof rack of the car. So you don’t have many choices. But our review will be more than enough to give you a purchasing decision that you won’t regret because we have chosen the best product that you can get. So without further ado, let’s jump into the review.

Best Fishing Rod Holders For Car Roof Racks:

  • Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount
  • Thule Universal Pull Top Snowsport Carrier with Locks
  • Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Holder

Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount:

fishing rod holders for car roof racks

Are you finding it difficult to transport your fishing gears like fishing rod when traveling to a fishing spot with your car? Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount provides the perfect solution to conveniently carry your fishing rod with you on your fishing trips.

It has got universal mount system, so it can easily fit any car’s roof rack. With these fishing rod holders for car roof racks, you can keep your car’s interior dry by carrying your wet fishing rod on your car’s roof after you are done fishing.

This is a multi-purpose sports roof mount. So, along with the fishing rod holders, you can also transport 4 pairs ski, 2 snowboards, and many other sports gears. This makes this roof mount the best in the market.

This roof mount is made up of heavy-duty materials. It is waterproof, dustproof and mould resistant. For longevity, this roof mount is UV protected.

It has great design and the stealthier black color looks great. This roof-mount weighs only 6 kg. The external length is 25.39 inch and the internal length is 19.68 inch. You can set up this carrier on square bars, round bars, Rhino-Racks and most OEM bars.

To open the carrier to store your gears, just push the large button. Inside is soft rubber pads to keep your gears safe while transporting. After placing your fishing gears, close the carrier. To prevent theft and keep your sports equipment safe, this roof mount is key lockable.

Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount

How to Install:

This roof mount is also very easy to set up. You don’t need purchase separate fitting tools to set up this roof mount. It comes with universal clam on mounting system and Allen head bolts.

First place the Rhino-Rack 574 roof mount on the crossbar. Then place the clamp underneath and secure it with the Allen screws. It is that simple.

You can also set these fishing rod holders for car roof racks to the T-slots of your crossbars. However, it is a complex process that can’t be explained in writings. To learn how to set up in your crossbar’s T-slot, watch the video below.


  • This is a multi-purpose carrier. You can carry multiple fishing rods, 4 pairs of ski and 2 snowboard
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Large pushable button to easily open and close the carrier that has a locking mechanism to protect your sports gears from theft



  • It whistles a lot. However, if you install this roof mount into the T-slot with the rubber stripping on, then it won’t whistle
  • The plastic clamp may slightly damage your car roof rack if they are tight them too much


Thule Universal Pull Top Snowsport Carrier with Locks:

Thule Universal Pull Top Snowsport Carrier with Locks

Do you want to carry more fishing rods, skis and snowboards along with you while you are traveling on your car? Then this Thule universal pull top snowsport carrier is perfect for you. The loading platform of this fishing rod holders for car roof racks is 30 inches wide. So, this carrier is capable of holding a lot of fishing rod, up to 6 pairs of skis and 4 snowboards.

It is very simple and easy to carry your sports gears. Just push the oversized pushable button to open and place your fishing rods and other equipment. You can also open and close this carrier while wearing gloves. The ultra-soft rubber pad in this carrier keeps your sports equipment safe and scratch less. You are also getting one-key locks to protect your gears safe while you are temporarily away from your car. The keyhole is just below the large pushable button for easy access.

This also has some dope technology. The telescoping allows this carrier to slide from the top of the car’s roof to the side. Now you don’t have to lean on to your car getting your clothes dirty to load or unload the gears. This telescoping pull top carrier arms makes unloading and loading to the next level.

How to Install:

It is very easy to set this carrier on your car’s roof racks. You can mount this carrier onto square bars, round bars, aero bars and cross bars. The bottom of each of the carrier has 2 integrated T-strap mounting hardware. To install, just place the carrier on the car’s roof rack. Then take the strap and wrap it around the T fastener. Once that’s set in place, just tighten the tension knob. That’s all you need to set up this.



  • Very rugged and durable
  • Easy to load and unload with telescoping slide out feature
  • The speedlink mounting system makes this carrier easy to install
  • The locking system makes it very secure and safe
  • Very large to hold a lot of sports gear



  • The slide sometimes doesn’t work properly and freezes while pulling out
  • It makes a decent amount of noise while traveling


Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Holder:

Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Holder

If you are on a tight budget yet want fishing rod holders for car roof racks, then this Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose holder is perfect for you. This multi-purpose holder has priced around 50 dollars which is pretty cheap considering the function and the quality of this carrier. As the name indicates, besides carrying couple fishing rods, you can easily carry a pair of ski, ski poles, shovel etc.

The holder is made up of robust and durable glass reinforced nylon material. Also, to keep your gears safe is has Santoprene rubber padding. You have got few different options to choose from. If you own a Rhino roof rack that has aero bars, then purchasing the Rhino Aero/Sports Bar model is perfect for you. There is also a model available that fits Thule Aero Blade Bars. However, if you have none of these roof racks, then the Universal Mount model is perfect for you. It can fit any types of bars from square bars to round bars. With each model, you will get two multi-purpose holders.

The inside width of the holder is around two and a quarter inch. Loading fishing rods in this carrier is very simple. First, open the soft rubber strap from the carrier. Then place your gears into the holder. After that, bring the soft rubber straps around and hook it into position. Wala, you are done loading your sports equipment in less than a minute.

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Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Holder

How to Install:

The holder for crossbars comes with two mounting brackets. One with square bracket to mount on to the crossbars and the other one is to be used for aero or round bars.

To install just slide the bracket onto the end of the bar. Then place the carrier on the top of the bracket and give it some twist until it locks into the place. The installation process is that easy.

To install the Universal Mount model, place the holder on the crossbar. Then place the clamp underneath and secure it with the screws.



  • Affordable yet robust
  • Very small and modular yet serves the purpose excellently
  • Very easy to install the holder onto the car’s roof rack with no tools or no modification to the aero bars required
  • Simple and easy to load and unload the gears



  • It is not perfect for carrying more than 3 fishing rods
  • As this holder requires no tools and easy to install and remove, there is a high chance of the holder being stolen if you are away from your car



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