Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod Review (2018) – All You Need To Know

Looking for Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod Review? You are in the right place. Before buying fishing gears and equipment, it is better to know the full details and review. However, wasting a whole day to research about a product and coming to a vague conclusion is not worth it.

So to make your life better and save your time going through the endless articles, we have researched a lot about the Fenwick Eagle and we present to you an insight on this product. We will cover all the features and Pros & Cons and our personal opinion of the Fenwick Eagle Casting rod. This will definitely shape your purchasing decision.

There are many types of fishing rod like casting, fly fishing and spinning rod. You should know the difference between these rods to make your fishing experience better. You should also choose the right combination of rod and reel to enhance your fishing. If you are totally new to fishing, I would not suggest you go with a casting setup because it requires a lot of practice and skill. You should go with spinning reel and rod because they are easy to use.

Fenwick has been into the fishing rod business for many years. Their years of experience and field testing each product has enabled them to provide one of the best fishing rods in the market. Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod is a great choice. Is it? Continue reading to find the answer.

Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod Review:

fenwick eagle casting rod

The Fenwick Eagle line up has the most classic action and it represents Fenwick’s rich heritage in the fishing industry. No matter which fishing action you are looking for, this rod can handle anything from largemouth bass, walleye, trout and even fly fishing. So without further ado, let’s look at the features of this casting rod.



  • Graphite Blank
  • Chromium-plated SS304 stainless steel guides
  • B2 burled cork handles



The blank of the rod is made of tough multilaminate graphite. Most of the fishing rod today are made of graphite rather than fiberglass and graphite blank was first introduced by Fenwick in 70’s. Graphite is lighter yet stronger and sensitive than the fiberglass. So Fenwick Eagle Casting rod will last longer due to graphite.

The tip of this rod is soft and sensitive, so you can easily detect the slightest movement or takes. The butt section of the rod is very strong and powerful that enables you to take an advantage over any fish. This rod has strong backbone while being fairly stiff compared to the competition.



The Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod features the new B2 burled cork handle. This burled cork system is a lot stronger, durable and more chip resistant than traditional cork, however, it has the same lightweight feel.

The burl cork handle does not only look good but it is also extremely comfortable to hold and fish all day long. The reel seat is also very durable and awesome. Also, the thread of the reel is hidden which enable you to keep your finger in the burl all the time.


Guides and Inserts:

This Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod review would be incomplete without mentioning the inserts and the guides. This casting rod features 10/9 chromium-plated SS304 stainless steel guides depending on the model. This makes it perfect for tough superline or braided line application. These 10 guides help guide the line to easily achieve long cast

The guide also has stainless steel inserts. This makes this really lightweight and more durable than aluminum-oxide guides. They are also corrosion resistant.



Fenwick Eagle Casting rod offers a few varieties to choose from. The size of the rod ranges from 6’6″ to 7’6″. But, you only have the option to choose from medium and medium heavy power and all the models have fast action. However, Fenwick offers both 1-piece and 2-piece rod and personally, I prefer 2-piece rod because it is much safer to travel with 2-piece rod. Please refer to the table below to know more.

Model # Rod Length Rod Power Rod Action Number of Pieces Handle Type
EA66M-FC 6'6 Medium Fast 1 E
EA66M-FC-2 6'6 Medium Fast 2 E
EA66MH-FC 6'6 Medium Heavy Fast 1 E
EA70M-FC 7' Medium Fast 1 F
EA70MH-FC 7' Medium Heavy Fast 1 F
EA76MH-FC 7'6 Medium Heavy Fast 1 F

Pros & Cons

Strong and sensitive yet lightweight multilaminate graphite blank

B2 burled cork handle is extremely comfortable to hold

Corrosion resistant stainless steel guide and insert

Great accuracy and very lightweight

Great castability and action and it can be used for bass, trout, salmon and even fly fishing

Solid backbone makes it easy to fight fish


– After extensive research, we found few to none drawbacks about this amazing casting rod. One thing you should be aware of is the fact that it sometimes, it cannot handle 15lb monolines and will break. If you push it too hard, it will break. You have to keep in mind that this is a low/medium budget fishing rod that should never be compared with 150/200 dollar fishing rod.

Recommended Reel:

You will find this part of the Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod review very helpful. To make you choose the best compatible fishing reel with this casting rod we have done extensive research and come up with some of the fishing reels are recommended for this casting rod.

If you purchase this casting rod specifically for bass fishing, then Lew’s Speed Spool baitcasting reel is the perfect combination for bass fishing. The Lew’s reel spooled with 12lb Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line will give you the ultimate bass fishing experience and you will be successful in catching many basses

If you love trout fishing, I would recommend you to go with the 6’6″ model and Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel is a great combination.

Abu Garcia Silver Max Low Profile is also a good choice. One reviewer caught 22 chubs fish, 6 brown fish, and 1 largemouth bass with the Fenwick casting rod. This was achieved by pairing the Silver Max with the Fenwick rod. Also, the reel was spooled with Fireline XCR-1278 Crystal Braided Beading Thread.

Keep in mind that these are suggested reel. So do not depend on this reels only. You should buy the reel that you feel comfortable to use and do not be afraid to explore new combination.

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Final Verdict

Casting rod and reel have given anglers new level of fishing. With casting rod, the anglers can gain more control over their fishing and it allows anglers to accurately and precisely place their bait wherever they want. Fenwick has made it possible and affordable to own a great quality casting rod with launching the Fenwick Eagle Casting rod.

Although there are few minor problems, however, there are lots of benefits owning this rod. I would definitely recommend this rod because it does much better than the competition. However, if you are totally new to fishing and want a good rod for learning fishing, I would not recommend any casting rod, rather you are better off with a spinning rod. But if you are an amateur and want to learn spin casting or baitcasting, then the Fenwick Casting rod is highly recommended.

I hope this Fenwick Eagle Casting Rod review has given you a clear idea about the rod. Personally, I think this casting rod offers the best value for the money. So without wasting your time dive into the casting fishing world


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