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If you have been jumping from page to page reading Eskimo HC40 review and yet you have not got your answer, then you are just wasting your time. This in-depth review of Eskimo HC40 Propane Ice auger will save you a lot of time.

Fishing in winter season is different from fishing in summer. Ice fishing has been a favorite sport among anglers. Packing all the gears and traveling to the fishing spot and drilling a hole and fishing inside a shelter feels excellent.

One of the most important equipment for ice fishing is the auger. Without this, you can not dig holes in the ice and can’t fish. Recently propane ice auger has become popular because it can cut thick ice quickly. Eskimo HC40 propane ice auger is a perfect choice.


Why Buy a Propane Ice Auger:

Although there is no auger that has pin drop silent ability when cutting ice, however, propane auger is the second best after electric auger that keeps noise level minimum. Noise is a big issue when drilling holes. Making noise will scare the fish away.

Also if you fish inside the shelter, propane ice auger as you will not suffocate from harmful fumes. Also, propane ice auger can cut through thick ice efficiently. So if you fish on the thick ice, then propane is a good choice.

Although propane auger is not as portable as electric ice auger, however, they have a decent weight to carry from point A to Point B. Overall, propane ice auger is more reliable and long-lasting than other types of auger.

Eskimo High Compression 40cc Propane with Quantum Ice Auger

In this review of Eskimo HC40, we will talk about the key features, in-depth details, Pros & Cons, and some FAQ. After reading this article you should be able to draw a conclusion if the HC40 is worth spending or not. So, first of all, let us give you an overview of the Eskimo HC40.



  • 40CC high-compression 4-cycle engine
  • Sealed metal ball bearing transmission
  • Quantum style blade
  • Auto-Prime fuel system
  • Cutting diameter: 8″ & 10″
  • Capacity: 1lb propane


Extensive Eskimo HC40 Review:

We know that Eskimo has been delivering quality products in many ice fishing sectors like ice shanty, ice fishing apparel, and ice auger. They have been angler’s number 1 choice. When it comes to propane auger, Eskimo HC40 is no exception. This Eskimo HC40 is a high quality, well built superior ice auger. The most important thing of a propane ice auger is the engine. This HC40 has a fantastic engine. So first, let’s discuss the engine in depth.



This Eskimo HC40 has a powerful and durable engine. This ice auger is equipped with high compression 4-cycle engine and has a power of 40cc.

In 2014, Eskimo has made history with their HC40 engine. This system does not run on your ordinary gasoline engine. They did not modify a gasoline engine to run on fuel source like propane. Rather, their engineers designed a new engine from the ground that takes advantage of higher octane propane.

The higher compression ratio and the 40cc engine has a lot of torque and power. So you are getting an engine that is lightweight yet powerful.

Also, having a 4 stroke engine means more fuel efficiency, more torque, more durability and less pollution. So in one word, the true propane engine is “remarkable”.



I think you have read many Eskimo HC40 review and you should know that the blade is awesome. This propane ice auger is equipped with Quantum blades. The blade sits at the center of the bottom. This blade cuts through ice like butter without any problem. This blade is also capable of cutting through old holes.

Eskimo High Compression 40cc Propane with Quantum Ice Auger



Instead of bushings, Eskimo has gone with sealed ball bearing transmission. It offers precision and optimum gearing. The sealed all metal ball bearing transmission paired with high compression engine and fast cutting quantum blade makes this auger durable and ensures longevity.



As discussed earlier, the HC40 engine runs high-octane and high-compression propane which is readily available. The propane cylinder can hold up to 1lb of propane. The cylinder is a quick release bottle holder. You can easily refill the bottle with propane as this is easily removable.

This propane ice auger is overloaded with features. The auto prime fuel system means, before startup, you don’t need to prime the engine. Just flip the ‘on’ switch and you can start drilling holes.



The auger has got a nice ergonomic design. You have the option to choose from either 8-inch or 10-inch of cutting diameter. The auger has foam grip handlebars that are durable and comfortable to hold. The innovative high-compression propane engine is mounted on top of the handlebar and attached to the Eskimo’s renowned quantum auger.

This is a 42-inch long ice auger and the 8-inch weighs only 32lb and the 10-inch is 34lb. The Eskimo HC40 is a good choice for indoor drilling. You will face no difficulty drilling deep into the thick ice with this 42″ long auger even if you are in a raised floor shelter.


How to use:

Most of the Eskimo HC40 review doesn’t mention how to operate this beast. However, we have made it simple for you. This Propane ice auger is easy and simple to operate. Just insert a 1lb readily available propane bottle into the quick release bottle holder and clamp it down. Then turn the switch to “on” and pull the oversized mitten-grip recoil.

That’s it! You don’t need to take the hassle to prime the engine or fill a tank. Using this propane auger is as easy as that.



  • Quiet and lightweight to carry around
  • True propane high compression engine makes it very efficient
  • 4-cycle engine means less pollution and more power and torque
  • Clean burning and low exhaust makes it usable in the ice shanty
  • Quick release bottle holder makes it easy to replace readily available propane
  • Quantum blades cuts through thick ice like a sharp knife through a butter
  • The auto prime system makes it easy to start



  • Difficult to start in very cold weather
  • The 10-inch model does not fit into the Eskimo carrying bag
  • The plastic body feels a bit cheap



1. Does it comes with a blade protector?

Answer: Yes. The protector is made of hard plastic that stays on with an adjustable rubber strap.

2. How many holes can I drill?

Answer: The best answer will be a lot. A single 1lb propane can drill 60+ holes before replacing.

3. Can the auger be removed?

Answer: Yes, it can be removed. There is an Allen wrench included. Turning the shaft 1 bolt detach the auger head from the blade.

4. How to maintain:

Answer: Very low maintenance. Just change the oil when needed

Our Thought

This propane ice auger is the best value for the money. It is priced competitively and has a lot of features. The Eskimo HC40 is durable and very powerful. You will not have a problem using this auger even inside the ice shanty. For around 500 dollar, I personally think this is the best propane ice auger that you can get.

If you have read this Eskimo HC40 review till the end, then you must have a clear idea whether it is worth it or not. There are some disadvantages, but they are minor and the pros overtook the cons. Personally, I would highly recommend buying this Eskimo HC40 propane ice auger.


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