Best Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide:

Best Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide:

The paddle was first created to move a raft or boat across the water in order to move fast and so that the raft couldn’t reach the bottom. Time has passed, and thus the boats have changed. Paddles have changed too. The designer made paddles different sizes and different shapes of paddles so that different people could use the best and suitable kayak paddle. There are many sizes and shapes of the kayak paddle. Modern paddlers still choose the traditionally styled paddles to paddle their way on the water. This article is about best kayak paddle that is going to suit you.


Different Sizes:

There are basically 4 different sizes of paddles. There is:

  • 210 centimeter
  • 220 centimeter
  • 230 centimeter and
  • 240-centimeter power.

These are really just average sizes. You can specify a more distinct size like a 215 or 216 but for the most part, if you are just getting out and you are just starting your intermediate paddler one of these four sizes more than good enough to get you a little modern having a great time.


How you figure out what the right size for you?

There are a few different things. Three things in particular:

  1. The width of your boat
  2. The size of the paddler and
  3. The angle that you hope to paddle it.


The width of the boat is necessary while choosing your paddle length. It’s the perception prodigy. It would be in our recreational class of boats if you were taking the prodigy home. Its good to know it’s 30 inches wide. Most recreational boats are a little on the wide size. They are very stable, so in this case, I might recommend that you take a 230 or a 240-centimeter paddle.


The delta kayak is a touring kayak. Its 24 to 25 inches wide. So in this case probably want something a little bit shorter to 32 to 20 centimeters. The Solstice GTS little bit narrower. Again its 22 inches wide so in this case shorter paddle 210 to 220 centimeters.


And the more things to consider are-

The height of your paddler:

If you’re between 5 feet and 5’5 you may want to choose 210 to 220-centimeter paddle. If you are 5’5 to 5’9 then maybe a 220 to 230-centimeter paddle and if you are 5 times 6 plus then you are gonna have a larger wingspan. So perhaps a 232 to 240 settings will be great for you.

Paddle your paddler:

If you are going to aggressive and you have a high angle a shorter paddle is what you need 210 to 220. You are going to be more relaxed sort of medium angle panel then 220 to 230 is fine. If you are going to be really comfortable and just sit back and enjoy the scenery a 232 to 240 paddle will suit you just fine.



You do not want your paddle broken in the middle of the river or lake. So that durability is another main issue before choosing the best paddle. Usually, you should pick a lightweight and durable paddle. The Wooden paddle will be the best option for you. But aluminum isn’t bad at all. Aluminum is durable, lightweight and easy to carry. Don’t compromise the quality of the price. You do not want to harm yourself for some couple of bucks, do you?

It appears that you have to consider and take in mind before buying suitable kayak paddle. No paddle is best; you need to choose best by yourself. Manufacturers of paddle provide and offers different types, prices and kinds of paddles. Sometimes it is hard to select the most suitable and comfortable paddle. So it will be a wise move if you take someone expert with you. Try some demo if you do not have any expertise. Once you have figured out which size and shape of the paddle are suitable for you, then you can easily choose the material of kayak paddle.


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