Best Ice Fishing Boot That Is Rugged And Durable

Best Ice Fishing Boot That Is Rugged And Durable

Sorel Men’s Conquest boot

Sorel Men's Conquest Boot

Some people out there love to do fishing. No matter what the weather or circumstances. Give them a fishing rod and a pond and they will start on it. However, it isn’t that easy to do fishing twelve months a year. While the summer may be the best season for fishing, winter is not. With the cold and chilly winds, it becomes hard to sit by the pond or river for such a long time. Also not wearing the right clothes and gear when you do ice fishing is also an issue, especially shoes. You will need to be wearing the best ice fishing boot. Not only will these boots keep you warm and snug, they will also prevent you from getting any diseases such as cold or fever.

I am someone who doesn’t really check the weather when I go fishing. If I feel like doing it, I will do it. However, this mentality of mine was not good and I was constantly getting sick because I was not wearing the right shoes. So when I am lying on my bed shivering from a fever, my wife decides to go to an online store and she buys which I think is one of the best ice fishing boot I ever used. It was a pair Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot. So today I am going to be talking to you about that boot and whether you should purchase it or not. So without wasting any more time let’s get into it.


Built For The Rough And Rugged Men:

Sorel Men's Conquest Boot


As soon as you will open the box you will at once realize how good it looks, starting from the high heel to the string laces. Everything just looks perfect. The upper part of the shoe is made up of leather. This leather gives it a very classic and old school look. The high rubber sole is the best part of the boot making it highly resistant to water and what not.

Rugged and durable, this waterproof boot features seam-sealing, a built-in gaiter, a molded EVA comfort footbed, a multi-direction rubber lug sole and 400 grams of thinsulate™ ultra insulation to ensure that feet stay secure, warm, dry and protected during demanding activities in extremely cold winter weather.


However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use them during summer. They’re not too warm when the temperatures rise so you are good to go.

Fit And Feel:

Once you slip these on you will be amazed by the fact of how lightweight they are. For an ice fishing boot of this build, I was really expecting something heavier. But it was completely the opposite. The supportive Achilles strap is also great.

As far as the fit of these shoes is concerned they run a little bit large in both length and width. But this is not a problem because the extra width is because of the wearing of extremely thick winter socks. There is a bit of pressure point at the spot where the foot flexes at the ankle. While this is not an important problem but I would have loved to see the leather somewhere to go other than right into the top of my foot. It’s not painful, though, and I wouldn’t even really call it discomfort, it’s just something that should have been thought of.

Multipurpose Boots:

Even though I have said that these are the best ice fishing boot. You can also use it for multiple purposes. These are multi-sport boots and people wear them snowshoeing, hiking, etc. You can even wear them casually too if you like. Just make sure it matches your outfit. Otherwise, you would look weird.

The laces on these pair of boots are also something to notice. These contain string laces which are very easy to tie and they are also very durable and long-lasting. The problem with the lace, however, is that the barrel-style eyelets on the top 3 lace points simply don’t allow the laces to pull through when you tug on them. The D-rings at the bottom 5 lace points is fine, due to the heavy construction of the boot they tend to want to loosen up on you while tightening them but as the leather softens this is less of a problem. But if you don’t like the laces you can always change them up with other ones.



  • Very warm
  • Waterproof leather
  • Comfortable
  • Rugged
  • Durable
  • Good looking



  • No speed lace hooks
  • No notch to allow for foot flex
  • Gaiter useless for deep snow
  • The lacing system could be better.
  • The rubber sole underneath feels cheap and can tear and brittle due to rough use.



Sorel Men's Conquest Boot

The lower part of the boot that is the rubber makes it 100% waterproof. It also makes the sole easy to clean from mud.

The boot provides superb insulation, with a temperature rating of -40 degrees. The insulation in the boot is 400g Thinsulate. The interior lining of the boot is made of fleece, allowing for comfort and helping keep your feet dry.

The boot provides superb ankle support. There is also an Achilles adjustment strap on the boot that can be tightened to further provide ankle support.

It also provides excellent traction in slick, snowy and muddy conditions thanks to the multi-directional lug outsole.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Sorel Conquest boot is ideal for anyone who needs a winter boot that will be used in conditions that not only require a warmth, but that also require solid ankle support and excellent traction on slippery surfaces. All in all, I think these boots are the best all-purpose boots available, good for both active sports and sedentary activities like ice fishing or stand/blind hunting. They have taken everything that I have thrown at them with ease. So if you are in the market for a new pair of winter boot I would definitely suggest you check out this super rugged and durable product. Till then enjoy winter.



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